Top Startups to Watch in Chicago


According to CBRE’s Tech-30 report, Chicago’s tech industry has grown rapidly in the past several years. There has been a huge boost in the tech community, and it is very likely to keep growing. In November 2019, Chicago companies celebrated the exponential increase of tech firms in the city with the Chicago Tech Day. Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that Chicago could have over 2,000 job opportunities in the tech industry in 2020. 


This significant growth in the tech industry could be due to the new tech companies that moved from the San Francisco bay area to Chicago’s coasts. According to Business Journal, in 2013 companies in San Francisco leased over 2 million square feet of office space in Chicago. If we combine this number with the office space occupied by Chicago’s tech companies, we see that Chicago has 17.7 million square feet of tech offices. But which companies are taking up all this office space? Let’s take a look at the top tech companies that are bringing innovation to Chicago.




PerkSpot’s team gathering in a restaurant
PerkSpot is one of the leading reward companies in the United States.


We’ve all heard that employees’ happiness results in good outcomes for the company. If your employees are comfortable and happy at work, they’ll perform better. PerkSpot is a tech-driven platform that will help you do just that. With PerkSpot, your employees can earn rewards for outstanding performance. Your employees are able to use their reward credits to purchase gift cards at companies like Amazon and other 200 brands. 


Everybody wins at PerkSpot: your employees will be happy, partner companies will get engaging marketing, and your company will be more optimized.


Kin Insurance


Kin Insurance team.
Kin Insurance is hiring in Chicago and Tampa Bay, and they believe the key to job satisfaction is autonomy. 


Kin Insurance is an insurance technology company and licensed Florida home insurance carrier that exists to change insurance from what it is to what it should be. Kin insurance was founded in 2016 and has raised a total of $64 million in funding. The company has a team of creative problem solvers with decades of experience in insurance, finance, and technology to tackle industry-wide challenges. They work with a philosophy of transparency and working intelligently together, and they actively cultivate an environment that embraces new ideas from any employee, in any role, in any department. In addition to Kin Insurance’s competitive benefits, they support their team’s professional development and continuing education through training, conferences, networking opportunities, and apprenticeship programs. 


Digital Authority Partners


Digital Authority Partners team at a company’s party.
Digital Authority Partners builds digital experiences that make an impact.


Digital Authority Partners (DAP) was founded in 2015 and is an integrated digital agency with expertise in emerging technologies, product development, digital marketing, analytics, and e-commerce. Through their work, they provide organizations with the tools and expertise they need to evolve, compete, and grow in a rapidly changing world. Digital Authority Partners values innovative thinking, hard work, collaboration, and a ‘can-do’ spirit. 


Digital Authority looks for people who can not only deliver great work to clients but who will bring their unique strengths to this growing agency. Their motto: “Be Kind. Be Memorable. Be You.” Digital Authority Partners has excellent benefits and perks for its employees that include unlimited vacation, 401k matching, employer-provided health insurance, and career development. 


Samya's homepage

With Samya, companies in the consumer package goods industry can maximize their growth opportunities.


Samya was founded by Shailendra Singh, Deepinder Dhingra, and Pavan Palety in 2019. It is a revenue growth AI company in the consumer packaged goods space. Samya uses the power of deep learning, probabilistic machine learning, and reinforcement learning approaches, together with the deep domain expertise to help companies recapture revenue growth potential. Samya, with its purpose-built AI, promises its clients a 10X improvement over traditional revenue solutions. Samya, though only a year old, has raised $6 million in funding in their only round and has offices in Chicago, London, and Bangalore. 




OppLoans modern offices
Don’t get stuck borrowing money from a payday lender. OppLoans offers fast and affordable loans.


OppLoans was founded in 2012 and is a leading financial technology platform that provides accessible products and top-rated experience to credit-challenged consumers. OppLoans’ mission is to help consumers build a better financial path. OppLoans has been named an Inc. 500 company for 4 straight years and was named the fourth fastest-growing Chicagoland company by Crain’s Chicago Business. OppLoans helps its clients by delivering fast funding, lower interest rates, and friendly one-on-one support. 


OppLoans employees approach every new challenge with an unparalleled ability to see what could be, rather than settle for what is. OppLoans prizes collaboration, collegiality, and letting the best ideas win the day. OppLoans has many job openings right now, and their employees have great benefits that include a modern office environment, free gym membership, a rooftop deck, and subsidized lunches every day. 




Clearcover’s Customer Advocates are there for you.
Clearcover is the smartest choice for car insurance: better coverage for less.


Derek Brigham and Kyle Nakatsuji founded Clearcover, a digital car insurance company, in 2016. Clearcover’s powerful technology allows customers to get insured online in minutes. Customers can make digital claims easily through the Clearcover app and get paid sooner. The company has raised $104.5 million in funding in just 4 years. Clearcover is looking for candidates who are excited to nurture an inclusive environment. Their employees have excellent benefits and perks like health coverage, a 3% contribution to 401K, flexible work schedules, remote work options, unlimited vacations, and many more. Clearcover has open positions for engineers, customer advocates, operations, and others.




Lotlinx CEO Len Short
Lotlinx provides inventory solutions to the auto industry.


Lotlinx is a leading inventory marketing technology that aims to help the auto industry connect the right cars with the right sales plan. Their proprietary AI platform aligns sales objectives to marketing strategies and gives dealerships an extra tool for their sales kit.


Lotlinx was founded in 2012 and has pulled in four funding rounds; the most recent round was in 2016 for $1.5M. The company is headquartered in Chicago and has offices in California and Canada.




Arity’s team working in the office.
Arity is changing the future of mobility with its powerful platform.


Arity is a technology company that is turning mobility data into meaningful insights to make transportation smarter, safer, and more useful for everyone. Arity’s services include solutions for insurers, mobility companies, and mobile app publishers to enhance the user experience, growth profitability, and lower costs. Arity’s platform collects data from smartphones and OBD-II devices and transforms it into useful insights. They have three locations in Chicago, Belfast, and Bangalore and employ 400 people. Arity is looking for passionate, talented people to help them make a difference in transportation. Current openings include positions for engineers, cloud architects, sales manager, and more. 


Fast Radius


Fast Radius founders from left to right: John Nanry, Bill King, Lou Rassey, and Pat McCousker
In 2018, Fast Radius was named one of the 9 most innovative factories embracing Industry 4.0 practices by the World Economic Forum.


Fast Radius’s mission is to make new things possible, and they believe that manufacturing is important not just for the things that it makes, but for the things that it makes possible for the world. Manufacturing doesn’t just make physical items like cell phones, satellites, and cars; it also enables health, safety, and human connection. For that reason, Fast Radius believes it’s their job to make sure manufacturing continues to innovate and adapt to the needs of a changing world. Fast Radius was founded in 2015 but went through a directional sea change in 2017 when CEO Lou Rassey came on board. Today, Fast Radius supports its customers as a one-stop manufacturing innovation partner across a range of production, design, and consulting solutions. Fast Radius is hiring for their Chicago office.




Matter’s team
Matter builds better technologies that solve the right healthcare problems in the right ways.


At Matter, their mission is to help people and organizations transform ideas into solutions that improve the healthcare experience. Matter is a healthcare startup incubator, community nexus, and corporate innovation accelerator. The company was founded in 2015 with 30 startups and a few programs. Now, Matter is a community of entrepreneurs, industry innovators, scientists, and clinicians with hundreds of startup and growth-stage companies from around the world. Matter has raised a total of $4.4 million in funding, and the company is looking for interns for this summer. 




ShipBob’s team
ShipBob has a powerful network of fulfillment centers to improve delivery speeds and reduce shipping costs.


ShipBob’s mission is to provide Amazon-level logistics to small and mid-size companies. ShipBob offers tech-enabled 3PL that fulfills eCommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands with reliable fulfillment services, warehouses near your customers, and connected technology. The company’s values are to be mission-driven, humble, resilient, and creative problem solvers. ShipBob maintains 99.5% accuracy in fulfilling orders and an average of 0.89 days to receive the inventory. The process is simple: customers connect with ShipBob and import their products, then ShipBob stores them in its fulfillment centers, and last, they ship it from the nearest center when a client places an order. ShipBob has many employee benefits and perks that include competitive pay, unlimited vacation, free snacks and happy hour, medical, vision, and dental plans, 401K, and a collaborative work environment.




CancerIQ co-founder, Feyi Olopade Ayodele
CancerIQ offers its “cancer risk clinic in a box” to easily identify high-risk patients. 


CancerIQ helps providers use genetic information to predict, pre-empt, and prevent disease, starting with cancer. Their values are putting patients and providers first, empowering partners, being data-driven, to be smart but humble, growing and continuing to innovate, and being scrappy. CancerIQ helps physicians identify high-risk patients in a faster and less expensive way. Clients can use CancerIQ services including predictive analytics, screening tools, clinical guidance with proven outcomes, digital genetic test ordering platform, and patient management and education tools. The company was founded in 2013 and has raised a total of $1.2 million in funding. 




Regroup’s clinician on a session
Regroup provides high-quality clinicians to deliver customized behavioral health solutions. 


Regroup is a provider for integrated telepsychiatry services, and their platform allows access to quality behavioral health care. Regroup offers a wide range of clinicians from board-certified/eligible adult psychiatrists to therapists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. By partnering with hundreds of organizations to serve a large combined patient population, Regroup’s approach of combining people, process and technology has helped shape the field and define the standard of care, advocating for improved telepsychiatry-friendly regulations. Regroup’s clinicians currently see patients in 23 states and have the ability to deliver services in all 50 states. Some of Regroup’s employee benefits are paid time off, insurance, long term disability insurance, wellness programs, and telecommuting options. 




VillageMD’s founders
VillageMD offers its services in 9 states and is expanding. 


VillageMD and its primary care partners help patients achieve better health by delivering the most effective, accessible, and efficient healthcare in the world. VillageMD has 3 core values: get stuff done, build trust, and innovate. The company was founded in 2013 and has raised $216 million in funding since. VillageMD solutions include care management, clinical innovation, analytics, physician network growth, and much more. For its employees, VillageMD offers great benefits like 3 PPO Medical Plans, a Health Savings Account (HSA), voluntary life options, long-term disability, parental leave, and others. VillageMD promotes diversity and encourages professional development through several avenues, beginning with their Diversity and Inclusion Workgroup. 


This workgroup was created to shine a light on diverse perspectives, opinions, and experiences. VillageMD also gives conversation sessions where they bring together different experts in the field to capacitate its employees which provides a huge boost in career development opportunities for them.




BallotReady’s team
Users can bring BallotReady to the voting booth with its mobile app. 


BallotReady is on a mission to make it easy for voters to cast informed votes in every race in every election and ensure democracy works the way it should. BallotReady aggregates content from candidates’ websites, social media, press, endorsers, and boards of elections for information about the candidates and referendums on your ballot. BallotReady was founded in 2015 and has raised $2.4 million. With the BallotReady platform, voters can explore the backgrounds of every candidate, make informed choices, and vote smart. BallotReady has job opening as they grow their team for the 2020 elections. 




metsMe’s Founder & Chief Product Officer
metaMe is in the design phase of developing digital therapeutics for functional heartburn, IBS-C, D, and M. 


metaMe Health is developing a new kind of prescription-only treatment for gastrointestinal conditions, with an initial focus on Regulora™️ for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Regulora™️ is metaMe’s lead product and is a behavioral-focused treatment. Instead of traditional pharmaceuticals, metaMe develops digital therapeutics. Digital therapeutics are software-only treatments delivered on a computer or smartphone and are cleared by the FDA after being proven safe and effective in randomized trials. Once cleared by the FDA, Regulora™️ will be available for physicians to prescribe just like a drug. metaMe was founded in 2016 and has raised $3.8 million in only 1 funding round.


Conference Scheduling Solutions


Chief Executive Officer at Conference Software Solutions
Conference Scheduling Solutions offers 3 core products: hosted buyers, swift expo, and 1-to-1 meetings.


Conference Scheduling Solutions was founded in 2010 and offers networking recommendations and pre-scheduled appointment matching to drive productivity and value for events. Conference Scheduling Solutions is a suite of technically advanced, easy-to-use, and efficient scheduling tools. With their services, customers can host buyers, add productivity to small conferences or large expos with appointment packages, and force matches so schedules are maximized. Conference Scheduling Solutions uses a sophisticated algorithm to automate the matchmaking and scheduling process at a holistic level. 




ReviewTrackers team on a company outing.
With ReviewTrackers, businesses can boost their local SEO.


ReviewTrackers was founded in 2012 and has raised $17.7 million.  The startup helps other companies transform customer experience to drive revenue and delight customers. ReviewTrackers’ platform aggregates business reviews from 100+ review sites into one dashboard. Also, ReviewTrackers allows customers to monitor and improve your business’ star rating, acquire and retain more customers, and ensure satisfaction and loyalty. ReviewTrackers’ employees have excellent perks and benefits, like 100% company-paid premiums for health, dental, vision, life, short- and long-term disability insurance, a flexible PTO policy, company-sponsored 401K matching at 2%, pre-taxed transit benefits, and company Kindle with unlimited books of your choice. ReviewTrackers has many job openings and is an excellent opportunity to advance your career. 




Tovala’s founders with its smart oven
The meals are all designed by their Chief Culinary Officer, Alexander Plotkin.


Tovala is the future of cooking for busy people, the company sells their meals which cook themselves in Tovala’s smart oven. Tovala’s service includes delivered meals from a new menu each week. After just 1 minute of prep, let the oven scan the QR code for each meal, relax and enjoy. Tovala’s menus are varied and unique, with 14 new meals each week. Tovala’s smart oven is designed to cook with heat and steam, so the meals taste exactly as their chef intended. Tovala has more than 10 open positions, and new employees will help to build the company from the ground up. 




NowPow team members.
NowPow platform gives e-prescriptions for self-care.


NowPow was founded in 2015 by Dr. Stacey Lindau, a practicing physician and scientist at the University of Chicago. NowPow offers a complete platform to create matched, shared, tracked, and coordinated referrals to close the loop on care. NowPow has powerful screening and segmentation tools to identify which type of referrals people need. The platform helps with self-care and caregiving needs, from food insecurities to parents struggling with substances. NowPow offers its services in 14 states in the USA, and they offer great benefits for its employees like generous time off and remote working. 


Forte Group


Forte Group’s employees in a company outing.
With Forte Group, companies can accelerate and evolve their software engineering.


Forte Group’s mission is to help organizations accelerate their business and evolve their engineering practice. Forte Group works under these core values: team-oriented, inquisitive, dedicated, resourceful, driven to succeed, and client-centric. The company is a full-spectrum software delivery partner for mid-market and large enterprises. Forte Group’s employees have these benefits and perks: commuter benefits, competitive compensation and benefits package, fully stocked kitchen with snacks, food, and drinks, company-sponsored events like happy hours, an off-site holiday party, team-building events, access to Forte Knowledge courses for employees, and many others. Forte Knowledge is their IT training program that helps students learn and enhance skills in various IT disciplines.




Dan Rothschild, CTO at Forevercar
Enjoy the freedom of comprehensive repair coverage without the long-term contract.


Forevercar was founded in 2011, and its mission is to make vehicle repair protection simpler, more effective, and affordable for everyone. Forevercar partners with trusted brands and organizations to give customers and members exclusive access to its subscription vehicle repair plan at a discounted rate. Some of the benefits of Forevercar are the choice of licensed repair facilities, no mileage limitations, no long-term contracts, and customizable deductibles. Forevercar has raised $25.5 million in 3 funding rounds. The company’s headquarters are in Chicago, and they are currently looking to hire a front end engineer. 




Some of Visible’s employees in an outing.
Companies who regularly communicate with investors double their chances of raising future capital.


Visible was founded in 2014 and has raised a total of $1.3 million in 3 funding rounds. The idea came about when a group of founders and operators struggled with the vexing problem of startups providing engaging updates to their investors. Then, Visible was created as an investor relationship management platform built to be scalable. With Visible, startups around the world can promote accountability and results-oriented thinking throughout their entire organizations. Visible is a remote-first company that has offices in Chicago, Indianapolis, Dublin, and Moscow. Visible’s employees have awesome perks like a stake in the company’s future, unlimited PTO, help to upgrade your home office, and more. 




Lisa Fiore, founder of LandscapeHub with some teammates.
Landscape professionals can simplify the order process with LandscapeHub.


LandscapeHub’s mission is to create a platform that strengthens the entire green industry by providing innovative solutions that streamline estimating, procurement and fulfillment, improve operational efficiencies, and provide market insights. LandscapeHub’s core values are to add value where it matters, help the businesses they serve, and promote continuous learning. LandscapeHub’s platform is the wholesale order management tool that landscape professionals use to find what they need and get it fast. They can search for products, build their orders, and track them.




Raise’s office with a relaxing environment.
Since 2013, Raise has saved millions of consumers more than $150 million.


Raise is the leading digital prepaid and retail payment platform for consumers to save money and earn rewards on every purchase. As a digital partner to more than 450 retailers, Raise offers an innovative solution for brands to increase loyalty, engagement, and retention by adding value for their core customers. Raise has had 6 funding rounds for a total of $147.2 million. At Raise, they work hard to achieve its core mission: to save its customers more money everywhere they shop. Raise does this through a strong commitment to their core values: one team, openness, integrity, innovation, accountability and responsibility, and diversity and inclusion. Raise encourages all employees to act like owners. As a result, they have a collaborative, engaged team striving toward the same goal. Raise is fortunate to be able to offer employees comprehensive, high-quality medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as 401k with company match and other ancillary benefits. 


Leaf Trade


Leaf Trade’s team in the office.
Leaf Trade is the industry wholesale ordering platform between licensed cannabis vendors and dispensaries.


Leaf Trade was started for the same reason they operate today: they are a technology company whose platform facilitates and streamlines the ordering and fulfillment process in highly regulated cannabis markets. Leaf Trade is a trusted partner to both multi-state and single-state operators and is the leading technology of this kind in 16 states today. Leaf Trade’s employees have benefits and perks that include unlimited PTO, flexible/WFH schedules, parental leave and 401K, and remote working. Everyone who works at the company brings a diverse professional background and different skills and knowledge. Everyone is super open-minded and will take the time to teach, explain or share knowledge. The CEO and President have an open-door policy, and the technology team shares process and product updates on an ongoing basis. It’s a great place to make the most out of your role, strive to be better, and try new things.




CEO, CTO and some team members of Neopenda.
NeoGuard gives continuous measurements of pulse rate, respiratory rate, SpO2, and temperature.


Neopenda’s company vision statement is to pioneer health tech in emerging markets, bringing innovative needs-based products to underserved populations in a sustainable way. Neopenda uses user-centric design to create affordable solutions to benefit the underserved population, enable high-quality patient care, and provide data insights. Neopenda was founded in 2015 and has raised $1.2 million. Neopenda’s first product is NeoGuard, which is a 4-in-1 vital signs monitoring solution. NeoGuard can also send real-time alerts from patients in distress, which will be helpful in developing countries like Uganda. 




Tock’s team members.
Tock’s flat pricing and zero per-cover fees ensure that you’ll never be penalized for your success.


Tock is a reservation, table, and event management system used by restaurants, wineries, and pop-ups around the world. Tock reservation platform is used in 28 countries and 150 cities. With Tock, enterprises can capture all the data they were losing before and apply it to targeted marketing and world-class hospitality. Also, Tock’s platform uses smart tools to allow you to get to know your guests before they even arrive. Tock was founded in 2014 and has raised $17.5 million. Tock is hiring for its sales, account management, marketing, engineering, and support departments. team members sharing a coffee in the office.
Find your perfect neighborhood and home with, LLC helps people find the perfect neighborhood and home. Comprised of brands and, the two online real estate websites provide detailed community and area descriptions, photos, independent reviews, and up-to-date home sale listings across the U.S.. When visitors are ready to take the next step, they are connected to a hand-selected real estate expert who guides them from search to home. employees have many perks like generous PTO policy, volunteer opportunities, 401K matches, paternity and adoption leave, building amenities, massage chairs, and many more. 


Sprout Social


Normal day at Sprout Social’s office
Sprout Social is bringing brands and customers together. 


Sprout Social is the platform to build and grow stronger relationships. Understand and reach your audience, engage your community, and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection, Sprout Social. The 10-year-old company has raised $111.5 million. Also, their platform has all points of connection in one place: listening, publishing, engagement, and analytics. Sprout Social’s mission is to help organizations of all sizes become better marketers and create the world’s most beloved brands. 


DAIS Technology


DAIS Technology team members on a company activity.
DAIS Technology is delivering the insurance platform and applications that will power the future of risk management.


DAIS Technology is an insurance company that uses AI tools, giving agencies and carriers access to cutting-edge digital capabilities. DAIS Technology’s engine is a data-driven and experience-focused ecosystem. The 4-year-old company has raised $14 million in funding. DAIS Technology has created the Internet of Insurance™ that will allow customers to have more visibility into their work and companies. DAIS Technology’s headquarters are in Chicago, but they have a second location in Port Washington.  


Best Money Moves


Ilyce Glink, Best Money Move founder.
With Best Money Moves employees can see where their financial stress is, and dial it down. 


Best Money Moves’ mission is to create a mobile-first system that helps people measure their level of financial stress in up to 15 categories, then push the most relevant information, tools, and calculators to them so they get the help and information they need. The Chicago based company was founded in 2016 and has eight employees. Best Money Moves sells its service to employers who then offer it to their employees as a benefit. 


Zero Keyboard


Zero Keyboard’s logo
Track sales activity and enter CRM data effortlessly with the Zero Keyboard platform and mobile apps for Salesforce.


Zero Keyboard’s mission is to create a simplistic technology to more accurately and efficiently capture data while you’re on the go. Zero Keyboard’s platform helps its customers maximize sales velocity with data and transparency. With Zero Keyboard, app users can create contacts from business cards, follow up every encounter, and collect all essential customer and activity data with guided sales workflows. Zero Keyboard was founded in 2013 and has offices in Chicago and Helsinki. 




Upshow’s team gathering at the office
Upshow was founded in 2015, and in 2019 they raised over $6 million in a series A.


Upshow is a TV marketing platform that will help you engage your customers and bring more revenue with an interactive digital experience. Customers are constantly posting pictures and creating posts on social media, so why don’t you take advantage of that situation? Upshow works with a promotion dynamic where you can involve your customers. If they use your hashtag for any picture they take on your location, they’ll be on the TV screen in seconds. This will keep your customers, excited and you’ll get promoted. One of the most innovative aspects of this company is that they developed a fun way to promote businesses through technology. You’ll even be able to monitor all the social media actions through Upshow.




A person trying the Enduvo VR/AR device with a city-landscape background.
Enduvo’s software works with Windows.


Enduvo gives organizations a better, more cost-effective way to teach, learn, and collaborate. Our solution is the only no-code, AR/VR content authoring and delivery platform that enables people to quickly create and share visually stunning, immersive, and interactive learning experiences. Up until Enduvo, creating and sharing immersive content for training, collaboration, instruction, etc. has required huge costs and technical skills. With Enduvo, we eliminate those barriers and allow anyone to create and deliver an immersive experience in minutes. Simply upload your 2D & 3D objects, narrate the experience, and capture your gestures to create one-on-one lessons, that allow anyone to learn from anywhere at any time. With Enduvo, many customers are realizing decreasing content development costs by 75% over traditional training methods.


Pareto Intelligence


Pareto Intelligence’s team gathering at the office.
Healthcare data is complex. Pareto Intelligence makes it simple. 


Pareto Intelligence is a leading healthcare technology company modernizing the way health plans and providers succeed in value-based care. They deliver analytics, technology and advisory solutions to help clients activate clinical and claims data, capture complete and compliant revenue, communicate critical patient information seamlessly, and make more informed strategic decisions. And it works—Pareto’s clients achieve an average 5:1 to over 20:1 return on investment. In short, using proprietary data science and machine learning-enabled analytic modeling, Pareto demystifies complex, disparate healthcare information and converts raw data into actionable predictions that improve health and value-based outcomes.


Seed CX


Seed CX’s team gathering at the office.

Seed CX raised $21 million in 2018 in two funding rounds.


Seed CX is a cryptocurrency trading startup that helps other companies and investors have the tech infrastructure they need. Initially, Seed CX was a company where investors could purchase hemp seeds opportunities. However, since 2017, Seed CX has a different vision, and they’re growing fast in the tech community with its trading market solutions.


HAAS Alert


HAAS Alert’s team at the streets in Chicago next to a street signal.
HAAS Alert works with cutting edge cellular and wireless technology to maintain awareness of every situation that may come upon the roads.


HAAS Alert is a road safety company that works with C-V2X services to prevent any vehicle collision. C-V2X is a technological service that allows vehicles to communicate with each other to provide a high level of predictability. HAAS Alert works with real-time awareness to support anyone in an emergency situation when they’re on the road. HAAS Alert works every day to prevent accidents and injuries. 




G2’s team gathering at the office next to a wall with the G2 logo
G2 is one of the largest B2B tech marketplaces. 


Are you trying to find the best software for your company? G2 helps businesses choose the best software based on each company’s needs. With G2, you will minimize the risks of buying the wrong tech-tools, which might not only result in a loss of money but also a lack of efficiency. G2 makes in-depth reviews of a variety of software companies to give you the right insights so you can select the perfect software. 




Enodo’s team gathering at the office for lunch
Enodo is transforming the way that the real estate industry operates.


Enodo is a fintech company that helps investors make the best real estate decisions based on solid data science. One of the problems with today’s real estate investment industry is that most experts show you a bunch of data without telling you what it actually means. Enodo enables you to understand that data through an easy-to-use platform. Enodo helps you manage your real estate operations by showing you what opportunities are best for your business. 




LogicGate’s offices with its logo in one of the walls
LogicGate’s mission is to “drive business outcomes by making governance, risk management, and compliance easier to operationalize than ever before.”


LogicGate is a GRC company that helps other businesses achieve an efficient GRC operation. With LogicGate, your company will be able to reduce risks, maximize yield, and respond to change. Some of the services you’ll find at LogicGate are enterprise risk management, IT security management, and incident management.




Shiftgig’s team gathering at the office
Shiftgig’s mission is to transform the way people work.


Shiftgig is a company that helps people boost their careers and find job opportunities that fit their lifestyles.  Shiftgig works with an intuitive software called Deploy, which allows businesses to find a talent pool to optimize their workforce. One of the key points to highlight about Shiftgig is that they work with several industries, such as hospitality, healthcare, and experimental marketing.




Cameo platform

Cameo has raised $50M in a Series B.


Have you ever wanted to have your favorite movie star to congratulate you on your birthday? Or maybe you’d like to give your best friend the best Christmas present by showing him a personalized video of his favorite artist? Cameo is the company that makes it possible, providing customers with a unique and thrilling fan experience. The startup works with a long list of celebrities including politicians, influencers, and sports stars.




RedShelf’s team gathering for a group photo in front of RedShelf’s offices.
In October 2018, RedShelf raised $25 Million in a Series C.


RedShelf is a cloud-based company aiming to improve the education process through technology. The company helps institutions deliver affordable and accessible course materials to students. A key attribute that makes RedShelf stand out is their end-to-end content delivery system, aimed at helping to provide more seamless access to digital course materials.




Rocketmiles’s logo

Rocketmiles works with a large number of hotels that you can choose from to get rewards.


Rocketmiles is a rewards company in the travel industry that helps customers to earn loyalty perks and travel cost-effectively. With Rocketmiles, you’ll earn rewards for staying at the same hotels and booking the same flights, even for friends and family. Rocketmiles utilizes a  user-friendly platform that attracts customers everywhere.




Bluecrew’s homepage

Bluecrew optimizes the staffing process with an intuitive platform.


Bluecrew is a tech staffing startup that helps companies find the most qualified employees for the most efficient workforce. Bluecrew works with an intuitive platform that saves you the time of having to go through the traditional staffing process. The best thing about Bluerew is that you won’t have to wait long until they select the best employee for your company: Bluecrew gives results within hours. The most important part about Bluecrew’s selecting process is to do deep research on the employees’ backgrounds to find the best match for job opportunities.




A senior couple hugging each other
Caremerge has been improving senior community experiences since 2012.


Caremerge is a startup that aims to improve the senior living experience through technology. Also, Caremerge improves communication between the senior community, their families, residence staff, and medical care locations. The platform also features tools for chronic care management. 




Jiobit’s logo

Jiobit gives parents peace of mind by using a tech tool that will ensure their security.


Jiobit is a SaaS company with a vision of being the most effective security software for parents. Jiobit has a platform that tracks a child’s location everywhere and all the time. You only need a tag, a smartphone, and Jiobit to find your kids when they’re outdoors, indoors, and even in multi-level buildings. Jiobit works in over 150 countries, and it features high-security encryption to protect your data.




Catalytic’s logo

Catalytic helps companies maximize their time and make strategic decisions. 


Catalytic is a SaaS company that helps companies automate their processes from end-to-end. Most companies haven’t scaled their automation potential, which is a situation that prevents them from focusing on the most important business actions. Catalytic works with a cloud-driven platform that streamlines your workflows like documents and digital tools such as Slack and Salesforce. This way, the team has access to all the data related to your company’s processes. 


ExplORer Surgical


ExplORer Surgical’s homepage

ExplORer Surgical’s management tool not only helps the OR team but also reduces costs for the hospital.


ExplORer Surgical is a tech company in the healthcare industry that offers real-time surgical procedures for surgery teams. ExplORer Surgical is revolutionary because it helps doctors communicate effectively in the operation room. ExplORer Surgical allows medical professionals to coordinate tasks with data-driven software that optimizes the surgical process.




Project44’s team gathering at the office
In 2018 Project44 raised more than $40 million in a funding round.


Project44 is a logistics company that has created an innovative dynamic for the supply chain industry. These days, customers want to receive their products quickly and safely, so Project44 is here to help companies optimize their shipping processes with its cloud-based software. With Project44, companies and organizations can reduce costs and improve their logistics processes. 




Chowly’s team gathering at the office
Chowly integrates the most popular ordering platforms to reduce ordering errors, maximize your productivity and increase your revenue.


Chowly is a company in the food industry that developed a software capable of integrating ordering platforms such as DoorDash or Caviar. This way, your company will optimize time without having to enter orders manually. With Chowly you’ll also avoid making ordering mistakes since it’s all automated and your customers will be happy with your service. On the other hand, Chowly will also lower your staff’s efforts, which will result in a more optimized dynamic in your company.

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