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Chicago is a center for high-tech businesses in the United States, and local residents who have the right skills command top salaries and work on challenging projects. Picking up tech abilities is easier today than ever, thanks to coding bootcamps. Schools like Promotable offer Chicagoans educational opportunities through online and part-time, in-person classes.


This guide examines the Promotable bootcamp offerings and dives into the school’s details. We show you the courses, curricula, costs, and student outcomes. You also get info on the different ways you can pay for your schooling. Our look at Promotable helps you determine if their bootcamps are the right way for you to land a lucrative tech job in Chicago. 


School Overview


Promotable was founded in 2018 by Aaron Filous. The school recognizes that there is a data skills gap and offers courses to help students pick up the technical chops that impress hiring managers. Promotable provides busy students with training options designed to work around their busy schedules.


Promotable Chicago


The Chicago skyline
Promotable serves the greater Chicago area and also provides schooling to online students around the world.


Promotable is located at 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, in downtown. The campus is convenient to both buses and elevated trains and is walking distance from paid parking, restaurants, and shopping.


Local Offerings


Promotable offers course tracks in either Python programming or data analytics as well as preparatory courses to get students ready for the main bootcamp courses.


Primary Courses


The school offers part-time, 3- to 6-week courses in Python. In the courses students learn:


  • Python fundamentals for careers in data science and software development.
  • Best practices for using Python to tackle data science problems and data sets
  • Python libraries and data science-specific functions
  • Python modeling for machine learning


Promotable’s other primary course is an eight-week data skills bootcamp that uses expert practitioners to train students in the data analytics tools and frameworks. Students learn through hands-on practical exercises to identify, transform, and utilize data using popular tools and techniques, including Excel, SQL, and Tableau.


Subjects include:


  • Excel, SQL, Tableau
  • Translate business problems into actionable data initiatives.
  • Collect, extract, and manipulate data
  • Communicate data-driven insights and communication through dashboards and visualization. 


Preparatory Courses


Promotable’s Intro to Python course gives students a foundation in Python that helps them work with the language. Subjects include common Python issues during development to prepare the students for the bootcamp classes.


The school also offers a data jump start course to help students develop their skills in Excel. Class topics include slicers, pivot tables, and dashboard training.


Admissions Process


To enroll, prospective students begin by filling out an online syllabus request. They then engage in a one-on-one conversation with the school’s Head of Admissions, who assesses the student’s educational needs. 


Finance Options


Tuition varies depending on the course. In-Person Bootcamp classes start at $995, while the live-online begin at $750. 


Students have several payment options:


  • Upfront payment.
  • Interest-free payments—Make arrangements for payments over a 90-day period.




Promotable restricts class size to provide students with more individualized experience and includes mentorship to help students advance in their careers. Alumni work at enterprise-level companies such as BP, Walgreens, J.P. Morgan Chase, Paypal, and Active Campaign.




The low price and flexible schedules make this school worth checking out. While the courses are shorter than those offered at some other schools, combining a couple of courses gives you a top-of-the-line education for a fraction of the cost you might pay at other schools.


In all, Promotable is a great choice for tech-inclined Chicagoans and online students everywhere.

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