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This coding bootcamp is completely unique from many others in Chicago in the fact that this program is completely for kids. Yep, you heard that right...there are actually coding bootcamps for kids. Codeverse’s mission is to teach a billion kids to code! They do this by equipping children with important life skills and the right tools needed to build crucial foundational skills of coding. Children ages 6 to 13 are invited to Codeverse to learn the basics of coding and find a new love for all things technology and creation. Codeverse offers a variety of programs that works around your child’s busy schedule to offer quality coding education whenever you need it most. With Codeverse’s immersive quality education and it’s dedication to flexibility, there’s no better place to help your child harness their love of tech than at Codeverse!

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Codeverse is dedicated to getting your child engaged and excited about coding! While attending sessions at Codeverse, your child will become a master of the following: computer programming, studio hacking (robotics), app and game development, creative design, sharing projects, and collaborating and socializing with new friends. Members at Codeverse have access to two 75 minute “coding expeditions” per week. In addition to their weekly sessions, members at codeverse also get 50% off admission to Codeverse’s Kids Night Out events, which take place Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Codeverse also offers two different immersive camps. The first is Codeverse’s Day Off camp. Whenever school is out of session, Codeverse is open and ready for learning! Both members and nonmembers can sign up for Day Off sessions. Codeverse offers an immersive summer bootcamp which runs weekly Monday through Friday. At Codeverse’s summer camp, your kids will dedicate everyday to a new subject including game development, lights and color, maker labs, and robotics. Fridays will be reserved for showcasing student work to parents. A typical full day at Codeverse’s summer bootcamp may look something like the following: 8:00am-9:00am starts dropoff, 9:00am-12:00pm students will learn and code new concepts, 12:00pm-1:00pm students eat a healthy lunch, 1:00pm-3:00pm students participate in featured learning topic activities, and 3:00pm-4:00pm is pick up.  

Codeverse is dedicated to the flexibility of your child’s schedule. Codeverse offers night and weekend classes to help accommodate your child’s school and other extracurricular activities. Codeverse also gives members the option of pausing their membership at anytime with no cancelation fees! Codeverse  offers courses at three different locations in and around the Chicago area: downtown Chicago, Naperville, and Wilmette.  

While Codeverse isn’t in the business of getting your child a full time job, they do want to get your child excited about the technology industry. Codeverse regularly takes field trips to locations such as the Apple store or Wholefoods. They also routinely invite industry professionals to guest speak at Codeverse in the hopes of getting your child excited about coding.  

Codeverse offers a few different payment options for attendance to their programs. If you’re looking for your child to become a regular at Codeverse, a monthly membership may be the way to go. Memberships at Codeverse cost $225 per month plus an additional $175 per month per additional child. Tuition for specific “day off” programs cost $150 per child. Summer camp tuition at Codeverse costs $800 including a $200 nonrefundable deposit needed to reserve your child’s spot. Kids Night Out events cost $50 for nonmembers and $25 for Codeverse members.

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Frontend, UX Design

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