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Chicago is full of exciting career opportunities for folks with the right technical training. Coding bootcamps such as Coding Temple in Chicago provide future techies and current professionals with a way to pick up the latest training in programming and other high-tech fields. The school’s online and in-person immersive bootcamps aim to help technically-minded workers get the coursework they need to compete for top coding jobs.


This article shows you what to expect at Coding Temple in Chicago. In this guide, we look at the school’s courses and curricula, tuition costs, financing options, and career support. Our look at Coding Temple also walks you through the admissions process and lets you know how former students regard their training after entering the job market.


School Overview


Coding Temple focuses on helping out people from all walks of life and with a range of different skill sets. The school uses small class size and one-on-one training to give their students a personalized and in-depth training experience in some of today’s most in-demand tech skills.


Coding Temple Chicago


Coding Temple students having a good time
Coding Temple Chicago has a social atmosphere.


The Coding Temple campus is located at 222 W Ontario St in the River North area of Chicago. The campus is open day and night and is convenient to public transportation, dining, and shopping. Paid parking is available near the school. Amenities for the students include gaming consoles, quiet rooms, study rooms, and nap chairs.


Local Offerings


Coding Temple Chicago has both full- and part-time course offerings and provides immersive bootcamp environments and training programs for in-person and online students.


Primary Courses


Coding Temple offers onsite immersive bootcamps for:


  • Python and data science—Core subjects include HTTP, libraries, databases, DRY code, frameworks, SQL Database, NumPy, Pandas,  design patterns, and pair programming.
  • Full-stack web development—Coursework includes training in JavaScript, Python, CSS3, Angular/React and Flask.


Other Courses


Coding Temple Chicago also offers part-time courses in JavaScript that are geared toward working students.


Admissions Process


To reserve a spot at Coding Temple Chicago, prospective students first fill out an online application. They then schedule a call with an admissions counselor. During the call, the counselor assesses the student’s drive and skill level and arranges for any required technical assessments. After review and acceptance, the student then works with the finance department and begins studying any recommended pre-class work.


Finance Options


Tuition for full-time courses run between $9,000 and $12,495. The school has a range of payment options:


  • Upfront payment—Pay in full ahead of time to receive $1,000 off the tuition.
  • Student loan—Work with Paramount Credit to set up a loan arrangement to cover costs.
  • Income sharing agreement—arrange to pay nothing until you land your first job in the industry. After that, make monthly payments to pay off your tuition.
  • Installment payments—make payments on the first and fifth weeks of each month to cover your school costs.




Reviews by former students on Chicagobootcamps focus on the school’s staff and course offerings. Graduates appreciated their instructors’ dedication, and they also noted how the school’s small class size made one-on-one instruction common. 




Coding Temple Chicago offers a solid selection of courses and top-flight curricula and instructors. Pricing for the classes runs a little higher than some other schools, but flexible financing options and teacher quality compensate for the price tag.


Overall, Coding Temple Chicago is an outstanding venue to launch your tech career.

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